Data done right.

We build and operate data infrastructure and business analytics systems.

One single source of truth.

We are fans of centralized master datasets. We encode the relevant business logic and create a solid data foundation to improve businesses.

Easy accesible
More accountability
Low data latency
Better results

The modern data-stack

We work with leading data engineering and technology platforms. We aim to combine the strenghts of individual products to create superior overall performance.

The Standardized
Data Governance Framework

Our standard approach to designing, building and maintaining complex data architectures is by applying our SDGF 1. This framework has been developed over the years, bringing together the best practices and repetitive demands that exist within each company. The full presentation of the framework can be found here.

Technology partnerships

We have partnered with the leading technology providers in the modern datastack eco-system. We have shared Slack channels to effectively resolve issues and discuss new data applications.

Our customers

We have built experience in working with businesses that are active in the services industry. Our customers specialise in software development, maritime engineering, security certification and business consulting.

Outperform your metrics.

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